On this page you'll find the design brief, supplemental downloads, and complete terms & conditions for LAGI 2019.

Design Guidelines

Download the Complete Design Guidelines PDF Document
This PDF contains the Design Brief, an illustrative site plan, and background information.

Supplemental Downloads

Design Site Boundary ZIP File
This folder contains detailed site information in DWG, PDF, and AI formats.
This version of the site boundary was updated on February 12 with more accurate information from the latest Masdar City master plan. As of March 13th the PDF also now provides dimension strings in meters. On April 8, the DWG file was back-saved to AutoCAD 2000 for those with earlier versions of the application.

Masdar City Massing Model
NEW as of February 12, 2019.
This folder contains a simple massing model of the Masdar City master plan and a volumetric representation of the LAGI 2019 design site boundary in SKP, 3DS, and DWG formats. It is based on an earlier version of the Masdar City masterplan. Therefore, you may use it for accurate building heights and to provide an overall background massing of the city, but you should refer to the 2D Design Site Boundary file for the most accurate surrounding building footprints.

New Aerial Video
New aerial video (uploaded January 24, 2019) focused more closely on the design site.

Other Aerial Videos
This folder contains additional aerial videos of the surrounding context of Masdar City (under construction).

Photos ZIP File
This folder contains photos and panoramas from all around the design site.

Supporting Documents ZIP File
This folder contains meteorological data for wind, solar, etc. along with helpful reference documents about Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.
This version of the supporting documents has been updated as of February 12, 2019.

Terms & Conditions

Complete Terms & Conditions PDF

Design Brief


Physical Model Overlay